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jibjib javame 1.4.6 knows Plixi

Plixi is formerly known as TweetPhoto. This version also has 6822 and W300i. I am so sorry for other devices since I have not enough details to build specific jar for them.

We are leaving beta soon.

jibjib javame 1.4.5 fixes 401 for special charactors

If you encounter 401 error when having non-letter characters in tweets, this is the fix. The OAuth library I used follows wrong RFC. The correct RFC for OAuth is RFC3986.

jibjib javame 1.4.4 fixes OAuth bug and supports OAuth Echo

I finally found the root cause of 401 for some of you. It has been fixed here in this version and as a plus, OAuth Echo is implemented so you can use OAuth to post picture to TwitPic, TwitGoo and yFrog.

Note for TwitPic and yFrog, my phone is too dump or my network are too bad to use them now. The test has been done on TwitGoo only. If you cannot use TwitPic or yFrog, please try TwitGoo.

Highly recommends to upgrade!

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